White Desert Safari Tour by 4x4 Around Black and White Desert


Western Desert of Egypt

  • The Western Desert of Egypt is a vast expanse of land that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to Sudan. It is home to some of the oldest and most fascinating archaeological sites in the world, including ancient Egyptian temples, tombs, and pyramids. The region has long been an important part of Egypt’s history and culture due to its strategic location along trade routes connecting Africa with Europe and Asia. Today, it remains an area rich in natural resources such as oil reserves but also offers travelers spectacular views across vast sandy plains dotted with oases filled with palm trees or towering sand dunes reaching high into clear blue skies. 
  • The desert landscape may appear barren at first glance but is actually teeming with life; there are over 200 species living here including gazelles, foxes, lizards and snakes as well as several bird species which make their homes among the rocky outcrops or hidden within lush vegetation found near water sources like springs or wells. There are also many plants which thrive in this harsh environment providing food for animals while others have medicinal properties used by local people for centuries past – frankincense being one example still widely traded today throughout North Africa’s markets! 
  • Exploring this remote corner can be done either on foot through guided tours around key sites such as Siwa Oasis where visitors can experience traditional Bedouin hospitality firsthand; alternatively camel safaris provide a more leisurely way to traverse these seemingly endless sands allowing you time soak up all that nature has offer – from stunning sunrises & sunsets reflecting off golden dunes during day trips away from city lights right up until star-filled night skies above campfires under moonlit nights! Whatever your chosen method though you’re sure find yourself captivated by beauty & mystery surrounding Western Desert Egypt making any journey truly unforgettable one!

Desert Safari Camping

  • Desert safari camping is an exciting and unique way to experience the beauty of a desert environment. It can be a great adventure for those who love nature, enjoy hiking, or just want to get away from it all. Desert safari camping is different than traditional camping in that it requires more preparation and planning due to the harsh conditions of deserts such as extreme heat during the day and cold temperatures at night. 
  • When going on a desert safari camp trip, there are several things you should consider before setting out on your journey. First off, make sure you plan ahead by researching what kind of supplies you’ll need for your trip including food items like non-perishable snacks that won’t spoil easily in hot weather; water; sunscreen; insect repellent; flashlights or headlamps with extra batteries ;a first aid kit ;and any other necessary items depending upon where exactly you will be traveling . Additionally , if possible try visiting an area which has access to some sort of shelter such as tents , cabins , RV’s etc., so that if needed one can take refuge from extreme weather conditions . 
  •  Lastly when out in the open wilderness always remember safety comes first ! Make sure someone knows where you’re going & also carry communication devices like cell phones/walkie talkies so help can be sought immediately if needed . Also don’t forget basic survival skills like how to find clean drinking water & build fire etc.. All this knowledge along with adequate preparations will ensure safe & enjoyable time spent under starry night sky amidst vast expanse sand dunes!


  • The three-day two-night black and white desert campaign is an exciting opportunity to explore the beauty of nature while camping in a unique environment. This experience takes place in the White Desert, located near Cairo, Egypt. The campers will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of sand dunes that stretch for miles as well as see some rare animals such as gazelles and foxes during their stay.
  • During this trip, travelers will have access to all necessary equipment such as tents and sleeping bags for overnight stays in the desert. They can also take part in activities like camel rides or quad biking through the sand dunes with experienced guides who know how best navigate these landscapes safely. Additionally, they’ll get a chance to visit nearby historical sites including ancient tombs from Pharaonic times which offer insight into life during those eras long ago!
  • Overall, this three-day two night black and white desert campaign provides an amazing way for people looking for adventure or just want something different than usual vacations! Campers will be able experience both natural beauty combined with fascinating cultural history all while having fun under starry nights filled with unforgettable memories that last forever!

Black and White Desert Tour From Cairo

Day – 1 

From Cairo to Bahariya Oasis


  • We will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo about 6 am to Bahariya oasis then arrived our lunch time have the lunch and start by jeep car safari tour to visit the black Desert  – and we will continue by 4×4 off-road desert from  – Crystal mountain – to explore Dunes of-  El Agabat – beautiful landscape middle of the Desert and we will start to make the Bedouin campsite middle of the sand Dune than will cook our dinner around campfire .

Day -2

  • After the sunrise have breakfast and will start from sand dunes to visit the Magic Springs – Big Valley -Small Valley – and will have lunch and will start to go explore the New White Desert and have a beautiful sunset than will start to make the a Bedouin campsite and will have dinner around the campfire.  
  • Well arrange for you a private tent for sleep including the Mattresses -Blankets – Sleeping bag 
• The tour including pick up service.  
• Jeep car safari tour 
• 3 meals 
• Lunch in camp in Bahariya oasis 
• Dinner in desert camping 
• Breakfast in New white desert 
• Lunch before drop off in Cairo 
• English Guide Tour 
• sand board
• Fruit, hot and soft drinks
• Mineral water during the tour . 

Day 3

  • After the sunrise have breakfast and will start to visit the old white desert –  hot springs – have the lunch and we will drop you off in Cairo .

Badry Sahara Camp